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AZ Senate Republicans React to IRC Approval of New Boundaries for Legislative Districts

Thursday, December 23, 2021


Arizona Senate Majority Reacts to Independent Redistricting Commission's Approval of New Boundaries for Legislative Districts

This Independent Redistricting Commission appeared to emphasize constitutional criteria, community feedback and intense deliberation. While we are concerned about several drafting decisions, we are pleased by their exhaustive outreach to citizens across the state, including in rural communities, and recognize their volunteer public service on behalf of Arizonans. Ten years ago, the process was partisan and divisive. That biased Commission overpopulated nearly all Republican districts and underpopulated nearly all Democrat districts. These population imbalances flew in the face of the "one-person, one vote" principle of the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, resulting in a Republican district with a current population of 111,320 more people than a Democrat district. Commissioners this year did not over-populate or under-populate districts on a partisan basis. Unfortunately, the final map approved by the commission contains many unfavorable outcomes for Republicans, including in Chandler, Mesa and the White Mountains. We will be further reviewing these areas and others to make sure the Arizona Constitution was followed in their design.

Under the adopted legislative map, either party could control the Legislature based on the will of the voters to dictate the direction of our state. Despite the aggressive out of state actors that will continue to meddle in our elections, we are confident that voters will endorse Republican principles as the answer to moving our state forward.


For more information, contact:

Kim Quintero, Director of Communications

Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus

Office: 602-926-3972


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Chet Evors
Chet Evors
Dec 27, 2021

It doesn't matter what district your in, it only matters your vote counts for who you voted for!! Districts have nothing to do with voting, as I had been a democrap tell I read Obama's bio and changed to Republican. But voted for whoever I thought was best suited for the position.

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