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Hardware store in Maricopa named Retailer of the Year in LD 11

The Arizona Retailers Association (ARA) has named a hardware store in Maricopa the Retailer of the Year for Legislative District 11.

Maricopa Ace Hardware has been a part of the community since 2006 and is already a three-time winner of the Business of the Year Award from the City of Maricopa Chamber of Commerce.

The store was nominated by LD 11 Senator Vince Leach. "I am thrilled that Maricopa Ace Hardware is the winner of this award. It takes a lot of hard work and smart decisions to run a successful small business. Mike Richey does an outstanding job with Maricopa Ace Hardware. It is a strong asset to Maricopa and all of LD 11."

“I am so pleased that Senator Leach is recognizing Mike Richey of Maricopa Ace Hardware," said Michelle Ahlmer, Executive Director of the Arizona Retailers Association. "I know Mike personally and I know the dedication he has for his business, his employees and the community of Maricopa. I am grateful that Senator Leach appreciates the value of Maricopa Ace and the retail industry throughout the State.”

The award was presented at the ARA Annual Awards Luncheon on October 18.

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