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Big safety improvements coming to Marana Airport

The Marana Regional Airport will be seeing significant safety improvements, after being selected to receive three Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) grants. Funds for the work come from an additional $10 million appropriation by the Legislature this session.

Earlier this year, Senator Vince Leach met with Marana's Town Manager and ADOT's Aviation Manager to discuss how existing state funds contribute to safety at general aviation airports. Thanks to Senator Leach and legislative sponsors of the Airport Development Grant Program, a portion of the $10 million put into this fund will help pay for three much-needed aviation safety projects at the Marana Regional Airport.

"Senator Leach has always been a strong supporter of projects and programs in Marana," said Marana Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta. "He takes a keen interest in understanding local government issues and then finds ways that benefit the State through local government programs and initiatives."

The safety improvements guests will see at the airport include a study to improve the Runway 30 safety area, designs for new runway lights, a new rotating beacon tower and path indicator equipment.

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