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Sen Frank Pratt honored for his work in the Legislature

Senator Frank Pratt, Dist. 8, was in attendance for the presentation. The CVRAC Board took a moment to honor Sen. Pratt with a copper splash for his work in the AZ State Legislature in support of the planned aquatic center.

Back in January, Senate Bill #1257 was submitted to the Arizona legislature. The intention of this Bill was to protect the tax payer while presenting them with the vote for or against the aquatic center. The Bill passed in the Senate with a vote of 26 – 4. According to CVRAC Chairman Evelyn Vargas the Bill moved on to the House of Representatives where it was kept on Speaker of the House - Russell “Rusty” Bower’s desk until time had expired, subsequently killing the Bill.

Vargas states that “new life was brought to the initiative with some investigative work.” After studying a neighboring community that operates a similar aquatic center it’s apparent what kind of changes a facility like this could have in the Globe-Miami community.

To read the full story, copy and paste the following link in your internet browser:

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