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Statement from Senate President Fann

"It is disheartening to see that the political rhetoric of the 2020 elections has arrived so early in Arizona. Phone calls, e-mails, tweets, and opinion pieces calling for the removal of Republican AND Democratic members from committees has already begun.

It is also apparent these are not just about words being taken out of context. These communications are also filled with strong words about religion, Pro-choice vs Pro- Life, the ERA, charter schools, gun rights and the list goes on.

The attacks on Senator Allen are unwarranted and unfair. She has explained her comments, detailing the intent and even offered apologies to anyone who misconstrued the content. Sylvia is a kind and warm-hearted person who does not condone any form of bigotry or prejudice and I find it absurd for anyone to compare her to the former representative who resigned due to reported misconduct in previous years.

Senator Allen has served her constituents honorably for many years, including Senate Education Chairman for the past three years. During this time, I have never received one complaint about her abilities as Chairman. She is always accessible to the education community and has carried out her duties in a fair and bipartisan manner.

As Arizona Senators, our first responsibility should be to our constituents in finding good solutions to the issues facing our state. I am hopeful everyone can try to put aside the divisive politics and work together as a team."

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