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Sen. Leach earns Arizona Agriculture's Outstanding Service Award

Senator Vince Leach has won the Arizona Agriculture's Outstanding Service Award, for his efforts to enhance and protect Pinal County's agricultural water infrastructure and Arizona's agricultural taxpayers.

A diverse group of agricultural associations presented Sen. Leach with the award. They say the Arizona agricultural industry benefited greatly this legislative session from the hard work of rural legislators.

"We as an industry owe a sincere thank you to those who fought for our interest and the interest of rural communities," said Patrick Bray of the Arizona Farm and Ranch Group. "Senator Leach was an instrumental individual in this session and was given the award for his efforts to enhance and protect Pinal County's agricultural water infrastructure. The agriculture industry is grateful for individuals such as Senator Leach who made agriculture a priority in this state."

“Senator Leach is one of the champions for Pinal agriculture," said Pinal County farmer Dan Thelander. "He represents us well and fought to protect the agriculture economy, which so many around the state depend on. On behalf of the agriculture community I would like to thank Senator Leach for his leadership and representation of his constituency.”

The award was presented by the Arizona Farm and Ranch Group, Arizona Farm Bureau Federation, Arizona Cattle Feeders' Association, Arizona Cotton Growers Association, Arizona Nursery Association, United Dairymen of Arizona, and the Western Growers Association.

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