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Statement from Sen. Vince Leach on Governor's signing of SB 1451

"I am pleased Governor Ducey saw the benefits of my SB 1451. With his signing of the bill, Arizona has an increased sense of integrity in its initiative and referendum process. The making of law needs to be scrutinized in our state. The initiative process has a long history in Arizona, and it is important citizens are informed on what is happening with their government. Legislators have a constitutional duty to make sure the voters have confidence in the people and the issues presented to them in each election. Part of that is those gathering signatures. People with certain criminal backgrounds must be prohibited from gathering signatures. When elections approach, citizens turn to candidate forums to learn more about the people running. As part of SB 1451, we make sure a candidate is serious about running for office, and the bill requires a 'statement of interest' before that person gathers signatures. The potential of fraud is always there, and Arizona must do what it can to keep integrity in the process. I am grateful the Governor agrees."

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