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Governor signs bill to address maternal fatalities

Governor Ducey has signed SB 1040, a bill sponsored by Senator Kate Brophy McGee that will establish an advisory committee to recommend improvements to information collected on the incidences and causes of maternal fatalities.

"SB 1040 was a bill brought to me by my constituents who lost their daughter due to a preventative issue," said Senator Brophy-McGee. "The daughter had a healthy pregnancy, gave birth to a healthy baby, went home, and then started feeling sick. By the time she came back to the hospital, it was too late. SB 1040 will make sure that there are systemic improvements made so no one else has to go through a tragedy such as this."

"SB 1040 will protect women from maternal fatalities. It truly is a public health crisis, and I think there will be excellent recommendations that will be coming forward to address this issue."

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