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Governor signs bill to allow school district consolidations

Governor Ducey today signed SB 1073, a bill sponsored by Senator Sylvia Allen that will require the successor school district that resulted from the consolidation of a school district and was participating in a Career and Technical Education District (CTED) during the consolidation to automatically continue participating in the CTED in the same manner as the former school district.

"SB 1073 was a follow up bill to last year's SB 1254," said Senator Allen. "SB 1254 came forward because citizens from the Cottonwood area wanted to be able to put to the people a vote on consolidation of their local schools. Their goal was to have more money going to their schools."

"SB 1073 that was just signed into law will protect Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education (VACTE). Now the consolidation question can be put up to citizens in the upcoming election."

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