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Statement from Senate Republican Leadership on Planned Parenthood Lawsuit

"Arizona laws intended to ensure the safety of women seeking abortions are facing a legal challenge by an organization that places profit over protection. We maintain that laws on informed consent and expansion of medical procedures/practices are absolutely warranted. It is appropriate that information related to an abortion procedure be received and given full consideration by a patient. It is appropriate that methods of treatment exclude the use of telemedicine to ensure a woman is receiving adequate care in the event of a medical mishap. And it is indeed appropriate that doctors perform abortions and not nurse clinicians who lack the proper level of medical training.

Planned Parenthood is asking the courts to give them a legal business boost because they need more individuals to perform abortions in Arizona – at the expense of the health and safety of women and unborn children. Senate Republicans stand by these legislative initiatives and call for this lawsuit to be dismissed."

Sen. Karen Fann

Senate President

Sen. Rick Gray

Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Sonny Borrelli

Senate Majority Whip

Sen. Eddie Farnsworth

Senate President Pro Tem

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