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Statement from Senate President on Arizona teachers

"Republicans in the State Senate are unified in committing to a 20% pay raise for our outstanding teachers. We also recognize the need for continuing to build on the education funding increases of recent years for support staff, school improvements and technology. We have been hard at work with House leadership and the Governor in finalizing a state budget that includes these priorities. We stand with our teachers and have a plan to bring them the raise they deserve.

It is unfortunate that many teachers are apparently preparing to strike, walking out on the students and forcing schools to close their doors. The children are the real victims of a strike.

While the schools close, the Legislature remains open, with leaders attempting to complete their task to bring the teachers significantly better pay. We hear their frustration. Our hope is that the teachers who choose to walk out on their children will return to their classrooms, so that students can learn and complete their school year."

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