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Bill to extend education sales tax to be heard in committee Monday

The House Education Committee on Monday will hear HB 2158, sponsored by Representative Doug Coleman. HB 2158 is the mirror bill to SB 1390, which was introduced by Senator Kate Brophy McGee, with 56 Senate and House co-sponsors.

The bills propose the extension of Proposition 301 set to begin after the proposition's original lifespan which ends in 2021. An amendment will be offered to sunset the new statutory extension eight years after it takes effect, concluding in 2029. The amendment will also convert the Classroom Site Fund to dedicate all dollars allocated to the Fund for teacher pay. Using FY 2017 numbers as an example, $384 million would be dedicated to teacher pay.

“Representative Coleman and I have introduced this legislation to update and extend Prop. 301, a .6 cent sales tax dedicated to funding education," said Senator Brophy McGee. "I’ve fought for more education funding at the Capitol and this is the next logical step. Prop. 301 needs to be updated and renewed, and the conversations around the update and renewal must be comprehensive and thoughtful. This legislation is the first, critical step to begin that conversation."

“I am looking forward to working with business leaders, parents, teachers and education stakeholders to make Arizona schools the best in the country. We have great schools here in Arizona and our goal is to increase every school’s success. By focusing on the big picture, maintaining and modernizing what’s working, and eliminating what’s not working or no longer needed, we can set the stage for the future success of our Arizona students.”

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