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Senator Barto receives Humility Recognition Award

Senator Nancy Barto was honored by Sierra Tucson with the Humility Recognition Award. Sierra Tucson hosted their 10th annual Phoenix Gratitude for Giving Awards ceremony to recognize and honor individuals who have promoted mental health and substance abuse treatment. During her time in the Legislature, Senator Barto has held many hearings and spent countless hours listening to the needs of those impacted by these issues. For her work in advocating for vulnerable populations, she was specifically chosen for the Humility Recognition Award.

Senator Barto has also championed efforts resulting in the streamlining of the licensing process performed by the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners and ensuring that a licensee with substance abuse or mental health issues can receive treatment without revoking their license. This legislation is important for establishing Arizona's reputation as a welcoming state to live and practice in.

"I feel truly honored to receive this recognition," said Senator Barto. "To me, it is evidence that what we are doing at the Capitol is positively improving people's lives. Nearly every family has been impacted by, or knows somebody who has dealt with, these serious mental health or substance abuse issues. With these reforms, Arizona's licensed workforce will be ready to meet the needs of those seeking care. But big reforms like this don't happen unless the voice of the public is heard. I am glad they made their voices heard."

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