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Statement from Senator Brophy McGee on Alzheimer's Awareness Month

"Today I joined other leaders in the fight against Alzheimer's disease, making people aware that November has been declared Alzheimer's Awareness Month in Arizona by the Governor. Since my first days at the Legislature in 2011, I've worked with those who care for loved ones with Alzheimer's. I serve on the Governor's Alzheimer's Task Force, and on a personal level, members of my family and my husband's family were diagnosed with the disease and have since died from it.

I've been proud to champion legislation to fund research and to support caregivers. We've renewed the respite care statute; now we need to fund it at the federal and state levels.

This session, I will be working to enact the Caregivers Tax Credit, for the costs associated with caring for a loved one at home.

The 'silver tsunami' has come to Arizona. Elderly populations are increasing, along with Alzheimer's disease. With that aging comes the need for sensible, fiscally responsible policies for the elderly and their caregivers. As we enter the holiday season, we hope and pray for a cure.

Until that day comes, our work continues."

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