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Senator Smith hopes to connect jobseekers to high-paying positions

Senator Steve Smith wants to find out why thousands of high-paying jobs are going unfilled in Arizona. There have been many recent reports about an Arizona real estate boom, but what may need more investigating is why there is a labor scarcity for this industry, along with many other “blue collar” fields.

Private sector employers in residential home construction, subcontracting and other trade work are unable to find enough qualified workers to keep up with the high demand. The Committee on Commerce and Public Safety will meet tomorrow to discuss how to increase Arizonans’ awareness of these job areas with vast vacancies, and to find ways to connect job seekers with employers in need.

This is the first of three scheduled meetings, which will include tours across the state to get a firsthand look at what can be done to solve this issue. At the open committee hearing, Senator Smith hopes to hear from the public, employers and anyone affected with their input.

“There is a disconnect here,” said Senator Smith. “We have thousands of adults out of work, and we have thousands of high-paying positions going unfilled, in plumbing, electrical, welding and many other areas. Part of what we hope our committee can achieve is matching up the jobs with those seeking employment.”

The Committee on Commerce and Public Safety will meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday in Senate Hearing Room 1.

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