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Senator Lesko's reaction to the effort to block school choice expansion

“I feel sorry for the parents who are waiting to use the new ESA expansion to help their child start a new school this year. They are now being put on hold wondering what to do.

I spoke to three confused and upset moms last night who had picked out their child's new school and even purchased uniforms because they were so excited for this fresh start. They are the ones who are hurting today. I can't imagine what it's going to be like to try to explain this to their children.

Unlike parents who can afford to move to a good school district or can afford to send their kids to private school, these moms need the help of the ESA.

I support public schools AND I support giving more choices to parents. I hope someday opponents of my legislation realize we can do both and will work with me to improve education for everyone so no other Arizona parents have to feel the way they do today.”

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