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On his final day to do so, Governor Ducey signs 9 more Senate bills

SB 1152 - tax authorization; consolidated election dates (Lesko)

SB 1156 - average daily membership; high schools (Borrelli)

SB 1197 - real estate appraisal (Brophy McGee)

SB 1218 - housing department; conforming changes (Brophy McGee)

SB 1292 - Arizona competes fund; microenterprises (Farnsworth, D)

SB 1317 - schools; specially designed instruction (Allen, S)

SB 1416 - quality jobs incentives; tax credits (Pratt)

SB 1453 - road improvement districts; financing (Griffin)

SB 1454 - county improvement districts; assessment; contribution (Griffin)

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