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Senator Griffin Honored by Arizona Game & Fish Commission

Senator Gail Griffin has been named the Advocate of the Year by the Arizona Game & Fish Commission. The Senator was honored for her legislative efforts in 2016. Senator Griffin sponsored SB 1361, which gave the commission much needed flexibility in the Heritage Fund Acquisitions Account. The bill brings a solution to a decades-old funding problem, and allows the Department to efficiently meet the operations and maintenance needs of its 16 properties, as well as those acquired in the future, furthering the Department's efforts to conserve and protect Arizona's diverse wildlife resources for future generations.

With SCM 1014, Senator Griffin focused on the practice of designating "de

facto" wilderness through administrative means. By this practice, federal agencies

designate an area as having potential for designation as wilderness and manage it as

such with no intention of seeking a Congressional declaration or local coordination. These administratively recommended areas circumvent Congressional intent and lack transparency plus lack full and appropriate National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis. They create greater restrictions and further loss of multiple-use and wildlife-related recreational and economic opportunities. Thanks to the passage of this memorial, the bypassing of proper process and elimination of recreational opportunity will not continue unnoticed or unchallenged.

In response to the closure of a portion of the Sonoran Desert National Monument to recreational shooting and a promised evaluation of shooting's compatibility with the monument, Senator Griffin sponsored SCM 1018 to call on the Bureau of Land Management to consider the economic and social benefits inherent in recreational shooting. Citing the Game and Fish Commission's support for responsible and environmentally sound recreational shooting, the Senator has urged the BLM to ensure that the residents of Arizona maintain access to lands where they can meaningfully express their Second Amendment rights.

“Senator Gail Griffin's support of the Game and Fish Commission, the Department and our mission was clearly illustrated this year in her herculean legislative undertakings,” said Chairman Pat Madden of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. “Senator Griffin's support of the Department and her commitment to multiple-use public lands will enhance our efforts to conserve and protect Arizona's diverse wildlife resources for future generations.”

Senator Griffin received the Advocate of the Year award at the Arizona Game & Fish Commission Awards Banquet January 14 at the Arizona Grand Resort.

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