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Wine Lovers Toast New Arizona Law

Starting today, Arizona wine drinkers can go online to order wine and have it sent directly to their home. This is the result of SB 1381 (wine; direct shipment), which passed the Legislature and was signed by the Governor on March 30.

The bill's sponsor, Senator Nancy Barto, says this is a win not only for those who drink wine, but for the state's economy, as well.

"Arizona has a thriving wine industry, but before today, if you wanted to purchase wine from one of these vineyards, you had to physically visit one. Now you can go to a website and with a few keystrokes, that wine will be at your doorstep. This new law means all of the state will benefit, with a wine industry that will continue to flourish," said Senator Barto.

"I appreciate the hard work of the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control Director John Cocca and his staff in getting the license for Direct to Consumer Wine Shipment ahead of the deadline."

The Founder and Director of Page Springs Cellars, Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, The Provisioner & Tilted Earth, Eric Glomski, praised Senator Barto. "I want to thank Senator Barto for her efforts to allow consumers to buy wine directly from wineries. Her efforts will benefit consumers and, ultimately, wineries here in Arizona."

The Direct to Consumer Wine Shipment license application can be found at

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