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Senator Allen Earns 2016 Golden Apple Award

Senator Sylvia Allen has been named a recipient of a 2016 Golden Apple Award. The award is presented by Arizona Parents for Education to legislators who consistently work to allow families to choose the schools best fit for our children.

“Parental involvement and support are crucial to the success of children in their education. Supporting parents in their ability to be involved in their children’s education is a priority of mine and I am honored to receive this award,” said Senator Allen, the Chair of the Senate Committee on Education. “I will continue to advocate for parents and children to have the best educational opportunities!”

Senator Allen was one of just six Arizona State Senators to receive the award.

“These brave legislators stand up for parental choice in education every day and we can’t thank them enough for what they do. So on behalf of parents from across Arizona we say thank you and congratulations”, said AZ Parents for Education President Robyn Jordan.

Arizona Parents for Education is an organization dedicated to promote distance education, with more than 20,000 members across Arizona.

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