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Senator Allen Named Champion of Education

Senator Sylvia Allen has been named Champion of Education by the Arizona School Administrators (ASA). A ceremony honoring Senator Allen was held September 12 in Mesa.

Senator Allen is Chair of the Senate Committee on Education. She earned the award from the ASA for being consistently supportive of education, and always being willing to step in on public policy issues related to public education.

“Senator Allen is a great fighter for rural issues, including rural education. As Chair of the Senate Education Committee she has always been fair-minded and open to the issues, listening to all sides,” said the Executive Director of Arizona School Administrators, Mark Joraanstad.

The Arizona School Administrators is an association of more than 1,400 principals, superintendents and other education professionals involved in the running of our public schools.

“I am honored to receive the Champion of Education Award from the School Administrators,” said Senator Allen. “These folks work so hard to make our public schools excel, and I appreciate being recognized by these leaders for my hard work on education.”

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