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Senate President Andy Biggs, and Representatives Eddie Farnsworth and Warren Petersen (R-LD12) announced today that they will be introducing legislation in 2016 that will defund Planned Parenthood.

The Arizona Legislature previously passed a law that prohibited the funding of abortion with taxpayer dollars. Implementation of the law has been stalled due to litigation.

State funds have continued to be used for abortions and “family planning.” Pro-abortion advocates argue that funds for Planned Parenthood are being used for family services, not just abortion.

Biggs noted that, “There are hundreds of health care providers throughout the state. Planned Parenthood focuses on their profit-centers, the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas and neglecting rural Arizona. The state does not need to provide taxpayer dollars to support Planned Parenthood, when there are other service providers.”

“The Federal government provides more than $500 million a year to Planned Parenthood. It is an unfair burden on the Arizona taxpayer to require state subsidies for this huge money making operation,” said Farnsworth.

Petersen added that, “We need to send a strong message that harvesting the body parts of aborted babies will not be tolerated. This is a barbaric practice and any organization engaged in this pernicious practice should not receive one dime from the hard working taxpayers of Arizona.”

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