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Sen. Yarbrough Named Leader of the Year in Public Policy

Senator Steve Yarbrough, the Majority Leader at the State Senate, has been named 2015 Arizona Capitol Times Leader of the Year in Public Policy. Senator Yarbrough was chosen for the honor for garnering bipartisan support and making tough choices that led to the betterment of our state, including gathering the necessary votes to move the budget along this year.

Senator Yarbrough has been at the Capitol since 2002, re-elected three times from District 21 and later from District 17. He has held leadership posts in both chambers, now serving as Majority Leader in the Senate and previously as Speaker Pro Tempore in the House. An attorney and executive director of the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization, he has helped provide scholarships to thousands of Arizona students to attend the school of their parent’s choice.

“Leaders of the Year shines a light on the individuals and organizations who have a positive impact on public policy across Arizona,” said Ginger Lamb, vice president and publisher ofArizona News Service and Arizona Capitol Times. “The awards were created back in 2006 for us to give back to the community and salute their efforts. Plus, it is the only event of its kind in our state to honor leadership and excellence in public policy.”

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