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Arizona Firefighters Salute LD14 Legislators

Firefighters across the state are paying tribute to Arizona’s LD14 legislators, for their efforts to create a special license plate in support of firefighters.

HB 2524 was sponsored by Rep. David Stevens and strongly supported by Sen. Gail Griffin and Speaker of the House David Gowan. It was signed into law by Governor Ducey on March 23. It establishes a Firefighter Special License Plate to help the Arizona Firefighters Fund.

The fund was established at the Arizona Community Foundation in 2012. The Arizona State Fire School conducts classes for nearly 1,000 firefighters. Supporters have been attempting to build a permanent endowment covering the Fire School’s tuition costs for 500 rural firefighters each year. Funds from sales of the license plate will help those efforts.

“The Arizona State Fire Training Committee and the rural firefighters in Arizona are very appreciative in all the hard work by our local legislators. Senator Griffin, Representative Stevens and Speaker Gowan have supported the fire service by passing legislation for the new Fire Training License Plate. The revenue generated by the plate will go to providing critical life safety training to rural Arizona firefighters by supporting the Arizona Firefighters Fund,” says 2014 Arizona Fire Chief of the Year Randy Redmond, recently retired from the Sierra Vista Fire Department.

For more information on the Arizona Firefighters Fund, go to

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