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Statement from President Andy Biggs on release of Legislative Democrats’ education funding plan

“The much-hyped education funding plan from Democrats in the Legislature is out, and to say I am underwhelmed would be an understatement. I don’t think it’s fair to other plans to even call this a ‘plan’.

The bulk of the money in their concept is based on the hope that revenues will continue to grow at a level of $250 million or more for the next seven years. Nothing new or creative here; just project that we are going to grow at a brisk pace and, voila, there’s money for K-12 funding. In this proposal, there is no mention of settling the Cave Creek lawsuit, and in fact the education funding inflator is not even discussed.

Something else that is a bit ironic. The increased revenues that they are sweeping to increase K-12 funding only exist because of the conservative budgets enacted by Republicans in the past several years. Budgets they angrily opposed at the time.

In their proposal, the Democrats are also not providing any increased funding to other state needs; it all goes to K-12. What about higher education, public safety and transportation? Do you agree with Legislative Democrats that those areas deserve no increase in funding?

In their zealous desire to oppose any Republican idea, Democrats have rolled out a simple plan that’s not worth the napkin it was written on.”

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