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Statement from Senate Leadership on today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on health care

“We are disappointed that the Chief Justice and five other justices continue to uphold socialized medicine, ruling it constitutionally acceptable.

There is clear meaning in the law that subsidies are available only to people buying insurance on ‘an exchange established by the state’. Arizona is one of several states that did not set up an exchange, and relied on the federal government exchange.

In his majority opinion, Chief Justice Roberts acknowledged the clear meaning of that language, but then in essence said we should ignore what the law states, because of the ‘context and structure of the act’.

Affordable health care needs to be about the patient, and the federal government has shown us time and again that by inserting itself into health care delivery it harms the patient.

As government’s role in health care expands, costs continue to rise and health care options are reduced. With today’s ruling, it now becomes clearer that the era of socialized medicine can only be ended with a legislative solution, repealing this fatally flawed law.”

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