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Arizona State Senate Announces Committees, Chairs

Senate President Andy Biggs today announced Senate committees and the chairs overseeing them for the 52nd Legislature.

Senator Don Shooter will continue to chair the Senate Committee on Appropriations. The Health & Human Services Committee will remain chaired by Senator Nancy Barto and Senator Steve Pierce continues to chair the Committee on Natural Resources.

Senator Gail Griffin chairs the Committee on Energy. Senator Kelli Ward will now chair the Committee on Education. Senator Kimberly Yee will now run the Committee on Commerce & Workforce Development.

Senator Adam Driggs moves into the chair for the Judiciary Committee. The Transportation Committee will now be chaired by Senator Bob Worsley. Senator Judy Burges now chairs the Committee on Federalism, Mandates & Fiscal Responsibility, and Senator David Farnsworth heads the Committee on Financial Institutions.

The four Senators-elect moving over from the House of Representatives will chair committees: Sen.-elect John Kavanagh/Government Committee, Sen.-elect Debbie Lesko/Finance Committee, Sen.-elect Steve Smith/Public Safety, Military & Technology and Sen.-elect Jeff Dial/State Debt & Budget Reform. Sen.-elect Sylvia Allen returns to the Senate to chair the Committee on Rural Affairs & Environment.

President Biggs will serve as Rules Committee Chair. Appropriations Sen. Don Shooter Health & Human Services Sen. Nancy Barto Natural Resources Sen. Steve Pierce Energy Sen. Gail Griffin Education Sen. Kelli Ward Commerce & Workforce Development Sen. Kimberly Yee Judiciary Sen. Adam Driggs Transportation Sen. Bob Worsley Federalism, Mandates & Fiscal Responsibility Sen. Judy Burges Financial Institutions Sen. David Farnsworth Government Sen.-elect John Kavanagh Finance Sen.-elect Debbie Lesko Public Safety, Military & Technology Sen.-elect Steve Smith State Debt & Budget Reform Sen.-elect Jeff Dial Rural Affairs & Environment Sen.-elect Sylvia Allen Rules Pres. Andy Biggs

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