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Senator Yee takes part in televised panel

Senator Yee recently took part in a nationally televised panel at the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. The Senator attended the conference so she could be honored as one of the five “rising stars” of the party and be given an opportunity to share her views on a national platform. The panel’s theme was how the GOP needs to reach out to women and minorities. Senator Yee urged the party to listen to the border states and “wrap our arms carefully, diligently around comprehensive immigration reform”.

Senator Yee also noted during the panel discussion that more Asian Americans should join the Republican Party, given that Asian Americans are “highly educated, higher wage earners, and for the most part own their own business” These characteristics, Senator Yee explains, resonate with our party.

To watch the full panel discussion, please visit C-SPAN’s website here:

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