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Senator Griffin earns ‘A’ from free market advocacy group

Senator Gail Griffin received top marks from a free market advocacy group here in Arizona. The Arizona Free Enterprise Club gave Senator Griffin an ‘A’ letter grade for 2013.

Senator Griffin was one of just seven Senators to receive the ‘A’ grade. All seven are Republicans. The grades are part of the group’s 2013 Legislative Scorecard, grading each member on their votes and actions during the past legislative session. More than two dozen votes were included in the scorecard, covering tax policy, campaign finance and healthcare.

“Her tireless work to protect taxpayers earned Sen. Griffin one of the highest grades for 2013,” AZFEC Executive Director Scot Mussi said. “She was a leader and a principled voice on promoting free market policies in Arizona.”

District 14 Representative David Stevens was one of twelve House members to also receive an ‘A’ grade.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club was founded in 2005 as a free market, pro-growth advocacy group dedicated to Arizona issues and politics. AZFEC’s mission is to promote policies and candidates that encourage economic prosperity and limited government for all businesses and taxpayers.

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