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Husband and wife doctor team wary of Obamacare

KINGMAN – State Sen. Kelli Ward and her husband Mike are both physicians. She has a private practice in Lake Havasu City, he works in the Kingman Regional Medical Center emergency room. They sat down with Reporter Suzanne Adams, News Editor Alan Choate and Editor Rich Thurlow on Feb. 22 for a lengthy interview.

Part 1, published in the March 3 Miner, was focused on health care delivery from the perspective of a state senator who is also a physician, with Kelli Ward offering most of the input. This segment deals with health care in the age of the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare.

Miner: Can you give us an overview on the changes in medical care due to the Affordable Care Act?

Mike Ward: I think its important to emphasize that Kelli is very well aware that she ran on an anti-Obamacare message and was elected with over 71 percent of the district. She’s sensitive to that. We are, both. We don’t believe in it. Philosophically we don’t believe in it.

Kelli Ward: I believe in the free market. I think we are going far, far afield of the free market. There really is a great state of Maricopa. So much revolves around that area, which you know, the mega population is right there. But a lot of things they want to do there are not what would work for the whole rest of the state.

But I’ve had people from the Phoenix area, not legislators but other people, say, “Well, you need to tell your constituents what is good for them and what they want.” I think that’s one of the things wrong with government, is that people are patting their constituents on the head and saying, “Oh, honey, don’t worry. I know best and I’ll do what’s best for you.” I’m really striving to keep in touch with constituents and let them know what’s happening and get their input.

I like the lobbyists. I think that they’re great. I think they have great information. I equate them to drug reps. In my practice, I always had pharmaceutical reps come in. They have great information, cutting-edge technology and all these things. But I also have to remember the same with drug reps as with lobbyists – take everything with a grain of salt, because they have a product and that’s what they’re paid to sell you.

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