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Our View: Find your cowboy boots

“If you live in Arizona, State Sen. Gail Griffin wants you to be a cowboy on the fourth Saturday in July.

Break out your 10-gallon hat and check the spurs on your boots because thanks to our local State Senator, Arizona will once again recognize cowboys on July 27, 2013.

“National Day of the Cowboy encourages people to observe and celebrate the contributions the men and women known as cowboys have made to American history and culture and the economic impact cowboys contribute via ranching and rodeos,” states SB 1139.

As chairman of the Senate Government and Environment Committee, Griffin used the “striker” maneuver to move the bill onto a vote by the full Senate, which passed the measure. Similar legislation is moving through the House, and with its expected approval, the bill will land on the governor’s desk in the near future, awaiting her signature to complete the process.”

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