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“Mickelson story illustrates this point: You can thrive in Arizona, not in California” by Senator Al

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson brought up an important issue that many people around the nation are facing today – they are being overtaxed and essentially penalized for their success in life.

While Mickelson did not explicitly state that the “drastic change” he is considering would be moving out of California, I simply wanted to highlight (in a press release last week) some of the reasons why Arizona would be a great place for him and his family to live. Let’s compare:

• Aside from lower income tax rates, Arizona is the No. 1 state for business startups and No. 4 for job creation.

• For overall professional business environment, Arizona is ranked No. 10; California ranks dead last in this category.

• In fact, the Arizona Commerce Authority has opened offices in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles in an effort to attract businesses to Arizona, where they will have the opportunity to thrive.

• Our school system is outstanding. We have more school choice than any other state in the nation.

To continue reading Senator Melvin’s column, click here

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