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Arizona State Senate Announces Committees, Chairs

Senate President-elect Andy Biggs today announced Senate committees and the chairs overseeing them for the 51st Legislature.

Senator Don Shooter will continue to chair the Senate Committee on Appropriations. Senator Shooter chaired the committee last year, producing a balanced budget with new funding for education and hundreds of millions in a rainy day fund.

Senator Steve Yarbrough will continue to chair the Committee on Finance and Senator Rick Murphy chairs the Judiciary Committee.

The Senate Committee on Public Safety will be led by Senator-elect Chester Crandell. Senator-elect Crandell currently is vice-chair of the House Committee on Agriculture & Water and is a member of the House Environment Committee.

The chair of the Senate Committee on Education will be Senator-elect Kimberly Yee. Senator-elect Yee currently serves as Vice Chair of the House Committee on Education. She previously served as research analyst for the Senate Committee on Education and before that was a policy analyst to the California State Board of Education, appointed by Governor Pete Wilson.

Senator Nancy Barto will chair the newly-named Committee on Health & Human Services. Senator Barto is currently the chair of the Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform Committee.

The new Committee on Commerce, Energy & Military will be chaired by Senator Al Melvin. The Natural Resources Committee will be led by Senator Steve Pierce.

The Senate will now have a Committee on Elections, chaired by Senator Michele Reagan. The Senate Transportation Committee will be chaired by Senator Rich Crandall. Senator Gail Griffin will run the Committee on Government & Environment.

In addition, Senator Griffin will serve as President pro tempore.

Appropriations Sen. Don Shooter Finance Sen. Steve Yarbrough Judiciary Sen. Rick Murphy Public Safety Sen.-elect Chester Crandell Education Sen.-elect Kimberly Yee Health & Human Services Sen. Nancy Barto Commerce, Energy & Military Sen. Al Melvin Natural Resources Sen. Steve Pierce Elections Sen. Michele Reagan

Transportation Sen. Rich Crandall

Government & Environment Sen. Gail Griffin

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