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Statement from Sen. Sylvia Allen on U.S. Supreme Court ruling

“The U. S. Supreme Court has ruled that ObamaCare is constitutional. I wonder what Constitution the justices were using? No other issue has gotten more grassroots, citizen political involvement than ObamaCare. It gave birth to the Tea Party.

Since the secret backroom deal of this single-party legislation passed without anyone reading it, we have had time to become acquainted with the 2,000-page bill and are more afraid than ever of the consequences. It is very clear that for ObamaCare to work, we must have high taxes and heavy-handed enforcement.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently revised its earlier cost estimate, saying that ObamaCare will cost more than $2 trillion, double its original estimate. Where on earth do we get the money? From the people.

This country is already $16 trillion in debt, with this year’s budget $1.4 trillion out of balance. It will be a huge sacrifice at the expense of our children’s future.

The elderly will be penalized the most in delaying, rationing, and denying treatment. The doctors who serve them will find their payments slashed. What provider will want to take care of them if they can’t be paid a reasonable amount for services rendered?

President Obama’s sound bites today suggest that he apparently has not read the bill yet, judging by all the misinformation he spews. Your liberty and freedom in the area of healthcare is about to be taken from you. Good, sound, free-market principles and reforms that are needed to save our health care system have to be trashed and replaced with socialist European controls, not to mention that state sovereignty is out the door.

Today our Constitution hangs by a thread, and the only thing that will save us from one of the largest tax increases in history and the destruction of our liberty and freedom is “We the People.”

The Supreme Court is not the last word. We the People still have the power to change this. In November, we must elect Governor Romney and clean up Congress so that ObamaCare can be repealed.”

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