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Statement from Senator Sylvia Allen on border security bill

“Today I am calling on the Arizona House of Representatives to take a vote on SB 1083. This bill addresses the continuing crisis of cross border criminal activity. It creates the Arizona Special Missions Unit, a volunteer organization that will supplement the efforts of law enforcement and state agencies in securing the Arizona-Mexico border. Members of the Special Missions Unit will be well-trained, with many already having a military and law enforcement background. The Unit will be an important new element in protecting the lives of the citizens of this state.

I have been told that the Speaker of the House is refusing to allow a floor vote on SB 1083. There is strong support for this measure. The Senate passed SB 1083 overwhelmingly. I have worked tirelessly to improve this bill, addressing many concerns brought forward by law enforcement.

The citizens of Arizona deserve to know where the House stands on this bill. We are approaching the end of this legislative session, and we can’t go home knowing we could have done something to protect our citizens.”

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