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Statement from Senate President Steve Pierce on the end of the 50th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session

“The State of Arizona’s 50th Legislature ended its duties for the 2nd Regular Session today. The people of Arizona can be proud of the work done by its State Senators. Our sole Constitutional duty is to produce a balanced budget, and the one agreed upon by the Senate, House and Governor puts our state in an outstanding position to come out of a challenging economic time. I have no doubt that the budget work we did last year and in this session not only stabilized our finances but put Arizona at the front of the line of states making an economic recovery. Arizona is getting back to work.

I am also proud that Members worked in the pressure cooker environment of the state Legislature with the utmost civility and decorum. Despite strong differences in political philosophies, your Senators treated each other with respect and focused on the job they are sent to the Capitol to do.

In the years ahead the people of Arizona will look back positively on the successes of this Senate and reap the benefits of the decisions made by its Members.”

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