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Senate passes ballot measure protecting military bases

The Arizona State Senate on Wednesday final passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1001. SCR 1001 asks voters to allow the state to implement land exchanges to preserve the state’s military facilities and will be on the November ballot.

The sponsor, Senator John Nelson, is asking voters to support SCR 1001, as they will have the final vote on each exchange of land on the ballot.

“The citizens of Arizona realize that military installations are a multi-billion dollar industry in the state. This resolution utilizes land exchanges to continue this positive fiscal impact. It is a transparent process thatArizonaneeds in order to expand our economy,” explains Senator Nelson.

Governor Brewer recently signed SB 1001, the companion bill to SCR 1001, which allows the state to exchange state trust lands for federal land. These exchanges will help to secure the future of facilities such as Luke Air Force Base, MCAS Yuma,Ft.Huachuca, Davis-Monthan AFB, and the Yuma Proving Grounds.

“With two wars coming to a close and the President’s desire to close bases, it is imperative that we do everything we can to protect our bases.Arizona cannot afford to lose one of its largest employers and these pieces of legislation make sure that does not happen,” says Senator Nelson.

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