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Senate President to IRC: Live within your budget

The President of the Arizona Senate today reminded the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission that the Commission doesn’t have an unlimited budget and needs to watch its spending before it can expect any more appropriations from the Legislature.

“The Executive Director of the IRC is telling the media he expects the Commission will spend nearly $500,000 just this month. That is a staggering amount of money for an organization of this size. The IRC has already spent more than $350,000 on legal fees!” says Senate President Steve Pierce.

The Senate President connected the way the IRC is handling its budget with the way the Legislature is managing the state’s budget.

“We made some very difficult decisions last year in holding the line on spending. Republican leadership in the Senate and House lived up to its promise to deliver a truly balanced budget, and we intend to do it again this year. That is why I am especially sensitive to folks who don’t seem to live within their means,” says President Pierce.

The IRC is asking the Legislature for a $1.13 million bailout, because of its overspending. The Governor’s Budget Office has already authorized the IRC to use a portion of its fourth quarter allotment to pay its current bills. President Pierce says the Legislature will “have to take a good, long look” if it has to front more money for the IRC.

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