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Governor Signs School Choice Bill

Governor Brewer today signed SB 1047, a bill sponsored by Senator Rick Murphy of Peoria that will open up more educational options for Arizona families.

The bill maintains Arizona’s rich history of providing parents with educational choices. It provides new and expanded options for donations to School Tuition Organizations, or STOs. These STOs provide scholarships to help students whose parents feel their children are not well-served by their current schools.

Most STOs have more families asking for relief than current available funds can accommodate. That sometimes prevents parents from providing their children with a more individualized education.

Senator Murphy believes this new law will lead to an increase in contributions to STOs and a large decrease in students on waiting lists.

“It is important that we continue to enhance our tradition of providing Arizonans with educational options for our children. Increasing the capacity for scholarship funds will allow more parents to send their children to a school that fits their specific needs,” says Senator Murphy.

The new program is for students who are choosing to leave a public school for a private or parochial school.

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