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Senate Moves with Unprecedented Speed to Pass “Bath Salts” Bill

Statement from Senate President Steve Pierce.

“The State Senate takes the safety and well-being of Arizonans seriously. As part of this commitment, the Arizona State Senate today heard HB 2356 in the Committee on Public Safety and Human Services, in the Rules Committee, Republican and Democratic Caucuses, Committee of the Whole and Third Reading, where it passed in a 28-0 vote. The bill now goes to the Governor for her signature.

I want to thank Senator Linda Gray for leading this fight to keep dangerous synthetic drugs out of the hands of users. This bill will help us stay ahead of the drug labs, which concoct new versions of synthetic drugs to skirt the law. Senator Gray has been working tirelessly to get “bath salts” off the shelves. When this bill becomes law, I have no doubt it will save lives. Today’s swift action by the Senate will make these dangerous drugs less accessible in our communities.”

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