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Sen. Gail Griffin’s Letter to Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne

The calls come in every day from my constituents. “What is going on with gas prices?” “What’s causing the rise?” “Is anybody doing anything about it?’ Every time we pass a service station the price is higher than the day before. Mr. Attorney General, I am calling on you to investigate soaring gas prices.

In January 2009, when Barack Obama became President, unleaded gas was $1.84/gallon in Phoenix. It now averages $3.72/gallon. In Tucson, at the time of his inauguration, gas was $1.73/gallon. It is now $3.62/gallon. Prices in the two cities have gone up more than 100%, doubling in just over two years. Arizonans need some answers.

Gas prices have a tremendous impact on the budgets of our citizens. They’re filling their tanks once a week, and spending $40-100 each time. In addition, high gas prices mean higher prices at grocery stores and department stores.

Smart people have been trying to figure out what has caused the sharp increase in gas prices since the beginning of the Obama administration. U.S. demand for gas is flat, and inventories are plentiful. Some have suggested the administration’s cancelling of dozens of oil and gas drilling permits have played a role. After the Gulf oil spill, the White House imposed a long moratorium on offshore drilling. Did this help cause the spike?

Arizonans need an answer, as they await relief at the pumps. I ask that you help solve the mystery, and investigate this pressing problem.

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