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Arizona Senate Leadership stands with Wisconsin Governor

Senate President Russell Pearce and members of the Republican Leadership in the Arizona State Senate today announced they are in full support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his efforts to institute common sense reforms to benefit programs for Wisconsin state workers.

“Gov. Walker is staring at the same financial challenges we are facing in Arizona, and in states all across this great land. He’s come forward with a sensible proposal to close a $137 million deficit. Public employees would make a modest 5.8% pension contribution, which is roughly the national average, and well below what Arizona state employees contribute,” says Pres. Pearce.

Instead of showing civility and discussing reasons for their opposition to the plan, Wisconsin Democrats scurried out of state, to delay a vote in the State Senate.

“You learn a lot about a person by how they react to a challenge. For Wisconsin Democrats, their response was to leave the state and go in hiding. That’s hardly a profile in courage,” says Majority Whip Sen. Steve Pierce of Prescott.

Wisconsin union activists also showed their true colors. Teachers called in sick so they could protest in Wisconsin’s capitol. That forced school districts to shut down due to understaffed classrooms, and the state’s students were left out in the cold.

“What a way to treat the state’s students! These teachers are desperate to hold on to their gold-plated benefit plans, even if it means their students are the victims. Those in the private sector have dealt with pay cuts, benefit reductions and in many cases, job loss. Now when Wisconsin union workers are asked to step up and give a modest concession, you see their reaction,” says Pres. Pearce.

Wisconsin Republicans are warning that if the Governor’s proposal doesn’t pass, the state could be forced to lay off 1,500 workers.

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