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Majority Leader’s View of the Session

Common sense, common values.

The incoming Senate Republican Caucus best embraces this sentiment.

As incoming Senate Majority Leader, I spent time with each member of the Senate Republican Caucus to listen to their priorities for the upcoming session. The top priorities are to redesign and reform government and to reinvigorate our economy. This talented group of legislators will help achieve these goals through responsible budget cuts, by simplifying the tax code and through common sense reforms.

President Harry Truman once said, “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”

My new colleagues are optimists who will make opportunities out of the challenges faced by our state. These public servants are good people who are working hard to understand these challenges and are committed to finding solutions that support family, freedom, opportunity, and individual responsibility.

Our caucus realizes that Arizonan’s want limited but effective government that delivers value for their hard-earned tax dollars. Those things Arizonan’s believe our state government ought to be doing, they want government to do effectively.

Time is money. Many of us have used an ATM to deposit or withdraw cash, check-out scanners at the grocery store, check-in kiosks at the airport or used to purchase books or kitchen items. All add convenience. Imagine a government that provides similar opportunities for convenience when we pay our taxes, register our personal or commercial vehicle, file the paperwork to start a business, in applying for various permits or applying these innovations as to how we educate our young students. Members of our caucus will be leading the charge on such reforms.

Too often, the focus has been on Wall Street businesses rather than our Main Street businesses. Our culture is more attuned to the challenges facing Main Street small businesses than Wall Street big business. But it is Wall Street that gets the bail out. To work for yourself, to be your own boss, to create your own lifestyle is what many of us hold as common values. We may no longer be a nation of family ranchers, family farmers or store owners, but we appreciate – and venerate – those who are. We will focus more on supporting our Main Street businesses.

We are a state organized around families of all shapes and sizes. We respect the life experiences of our parents and forefathers and see things through the eyes of our children. Is there anyone who does not want their child or grandchild to be better off than they are now? We want to protect Arizona families through this framework of common sense and common values.

The primary role of a Majority Leader is to listen. The ideas and solutions of our newly elected officials are important. Equally as important, I would like to hear from you on issues that matter to you – water, land use, property rights, border security, education or any other aspect of state government that is affecting your life. How can we best serve you? How can we provide more value and convenience for your tax dollar?

My colleagues and I will do our best to improve our quality of life and to reinvigorate our economy. We will work hard to promote financial security, prosperity, innovation and peace of mind as we pursue public policy initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to restore faith in our common values and the principles of accountability, responsibility and common sense.

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