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Sen. Al Melvin Named Senator of the Year

The Arizona Manufacturers Council has named Sen. Al Melvin the 2010 AMC Senator of the Year. The Tucson Republican was honored at a luncheon May 5. Sen. Melvin was selected by the Board of Directors of the Arizona Manufacturers Council for his strong record of fostering an economic development environment that is attractive to business, and especially manufacturers. “I am truly honored to receive this recognition. Manufacturers give America great strength in all economic times, good or bad, regardless of the administrations in Washington and in each state capitol,” says Sen. Melvin. The AMC Board said Melvin consistently maintains an open door for members of the business community to discuss issues of concern to them. The Board said Sen. Melvin always does his best to find a solution to help Arizona manufacturers. “The current majority in the Arizona Senate and House is committed to making Arizona a safe haven for citizens and businesses to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This includes job creation and the protection of individual lives and private property,” says Sen. Melvin. Sen. Melvin was nominated by the lobbying team of the AMC and selected by the Board of Directors.

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