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Gould named Goldwater’s best for preserving liberty

For the fifth year in a row, the Goldwater Institute has given Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu City, the highest score in the entire Arizona Legislature in their annual Legislative Report Card.

The study analyzes how well Arizona’s legislators are voting to uphold liberty. The report analyzes more than 300 votes across four categories: education, regulation, tax and budget, and Constitutional government.

“I believe that more than ever, it is important to remain true to the principles of limited government and economic freedom,” said Sen. Gould.

“Limited government and economic freedom have always been the key to prosperity and growth. It is important that we remain committed to these key principles as we work to find real solutions to issues and problems facing our state.”

Gould was the only legislator to receive an “A” rating in the study. Sens. Pearce, Gorman, C. Gray, S. Allen, Harper and Waring received “A-“ratings.

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