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Sen. Steve Pierce congratulates best rural teacher in the country

Sen. Steve Pierce had the following statement about Amy McBroom being named the best rural teacher in the entire country by the National Rural Education Association.

“Congratulations to Amy McBroom from Grand Canyon Unified School District for being named the best rural teacher in the country! Her personal investment in the success of her students is very touching and the fact that she set a goal for global exposure to students from a very small setting is a great example of incentives and rewards. The Canyon is such a small community that it is easy for people to think moving to Flagstaff and Phoenix is getting away. If you can’t give them the world, to show them a glimpse of it can shape a life for a long time. When a close-knit group of people work together, the determination of the collective group drives the project and brings about success. Ms. McBroom clearly demonstrated leadership by letting the students take control and responsibility for their success. We need more teachers like her and should reward generously those who go the extra mile.”

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