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Senate, House file motion for reconsideration

Today, attorneys for Senate President Bob Burns and Speaker of the House Kirk Adams filed a motion for reconsideration with the Arizona Supreme Court in the case of Brewer v. Burns, et al. In the motion, the president and speaker request the court to reconsider its order of June 23, 2009.

President Burns and Speaker Adams issued the following joint statement about the motion:

“We are pleased that the Court did not take the unprecedented action of ordering the Legislature to present bills to the governor, but remain concerned about the impact the Court’s order will have on future legislatures.

The Arizona Constitution does not provide a specific time requirement for presentment of bills to the governor. No American court, in the absence of a specific time requirement, has ever required presentment of bills while the Legislature is still in session. We hope the justices will reconsider taking this extraordinary and unjustified step.”

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