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Weekly Schedule Update

On Thursday, we will go to Floor after Caucus to Third Read bills and for a possible COW. This means we will be working late on Thursday evening.

On Friday, we will COW when we go to the floor at 9:00 a.m. There will be no voting. After floor, we may have a conference committee on SB 1049 (fingerprint clearance cards). There may also be a Judiciary Committee meeting after floor as well.

We are encouraging Chairs to schedule only House bills on next week’s agendas. The chances of Senate bills making it through the process are very limited if they have not been heard in Committee already this week. Senate bills should be heard only in very limited circumstances.

The Rules regarding five-day notice on agendas and strikers (including the 48 hour posting) will not be waived next week. Agendas will be posted at their regular posting times.

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