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Republican Caucus on Budget

Republicans will caucus at 5:30pm today on the Senate budget bills. Click HERE to see the caucus calendar for June 3, 2009.

Bills on the calendar:

SB1027 – technical correction; bonds; tax considerations(Pearce R) capital outlay; FY 2009-2010

SB1028 – technical correction; private funds; disposition(Pearce R) budget reconciliation; criminal justice

SB1029 – technical correction; budget estimates(Pearce R) budget reconciliation; higher education

SB1031 – tax exemption; technical correction(Pearce R) budget reconciliation; assets SB1035 – school bonds; technical correction(Pearce R) budget reconciliation; general government SB1036 – tax anticipation bonds; technical correction(Pearce R) budget reconcilciation; general revenues

SB1145 – technical correction; dry wells; regulation(Allen S) budget reconciliation; health and welfare

SB1187 – technical correction; deceptive mailings(Burns) budget reconciliation; K-12

SB1188 – fiduciary funds; deposits; technical correction(Burns) general appropriations; FY 2009-2010

SB1258 – mine inspector; education; training; fees(Allen S) budget reconciliation; environment

Republican caucus will be held in the second floor caucus room.

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