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Senate moves fingerprint bill to comply with Adam Walsh Act, ensure federal funds

May 19, 2009


Senate moves fingerprint bill to comply with Adam Walsh Act, ensure federal funds

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – The Senate is moving forward with bipartisan legislation that will add another layer of safety to the protection of Arizona’s children. The public safety committee Wednesday will hear Senate Bill 1049 that creates higher standards for fingerprint clearance cards, brings Arizona into compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection Act and prevents the loss of approximately $130 million in federal funding.

“This law makes it harder for predators to reach our children,” said Sen. Linda Gray, the bill’s sponsor and chair of the Public Safety Committee. “It is imperative that we take action to ensure Arizona gets the funding we need to help protect those who can’t protect themselves.”

The legislation creates fingerprint cards specifically for, among others, foster and adoptive home applicants and all Department of Economic Security employees and contracted providers. It also requires, instead of allows, school districts and charter schools to refuse to hire non-certificated personnel who are convicted of or admit committing certain offenses.

The legislation was introduced last year and had support, but the session ended without having a final vote on the bill. The emergency measure is expected to pass through the Legislature with bipartisan support. Approximately $130 in federal funding depends on compliance with the act by June 30.

The Senate Public Safety and Human Services Committee meets 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 20 in Senate hearing room 3.

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Laura Devany, Communications Advisor

Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus Office: (602) 926-3972, e-mail:

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